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Who We Are

Pacific Rim College is an award-winning institution specializing in Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living. Located on Vancouver Island in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, the college was founded to provide world-class education, modern research opportunities and premier clinical services in sustainable land stewardship and a variety of medical modalities. Program areas include Permaculture Design, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Doula Training and Integrative Health.

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Spotlight on...


Dylan Roberts

Dylan is a writer and activist based in Victoria. He previously worked as a contributor to Canadian Dimension magazine, a political journal based in Winnipeg. More recently he was involved in refugee resettlement, working primarily with the undocumented refugee population in Manitoba. Dylan relocated to Vancouver Island in 2016. He is among the first group …


Ryan Hilperts

Ryan Hilperts is committed to the art of transformational education. She guides processes of individual, group, and community discovery through workshops in facilitation, interpersonal communication, group dynamics, visioning, and living with purpose. She designs her work using ecological systems as inspiration and guides.  Ryan directs the Redfish School of Change, a field school dedicated to …


Amy Ritchie, NNCP

Amy graduated from the Diploma of Holistic Nutrition program with Summa Cum Laude honours and is practicing in her hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Amy is a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Professionals and currently working for the Live Better division of Janzen’s Pharmacy, a progressive local pharmacy which integrates holistic wellness …

practicing herbalist

The Practicing Herbalist

In this gem of a book you will find Margi Flint's thoughts and insights about the whole process of establishing a practice, functioning as a practitioner and then actually surviving. She does a masterful job of synthesizing the various ideas and influences from her many teachers, especially the late William LeSassier.

Health News

The Truffle Hound

When I was a few years younger – well, when I was in elementary school – I would draw blueprints of the houses I planned on living in when I grew up. Some looked like your garden variety mansions, opulent and symmetrical, towering Versailles gingerbread houses that now make me wince a bit. Others were …


Mark Lakeman »

Permaculture, Place-Making and Planet Repair

Feb. 24-25

Dr. Reuven Freesman »

Clinical Essentials: Simple and Effective Treatments

Mar. 10-11

Jude Hobbs »

Permaculture Design Process and Multi-Functional Hedgerows

Mar. 10-11

Yarrow Willard »

Building Plant Relations

Mar. 17-18

Dr. Tiffany Freeman »

A Journey around the Medicine Wheel

Mar. 24-25

Tara Hope »

An Introduction to Eating Disorder Prevention and Intervention

Apr. 7-8

Dr. Reuven Freesman »

The Pulse and Channel Treatment Approach

Apr. 7-8

Dr. Debra Betts »

Maternity Acupuncture: Clinical Realities

May. 5-6

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