How Much Does Acupuncture School Cost?

How Much Does Acupuncture School Cost?

We are often asked at Pacific Rim College how much does acupuncture school cost? Below we explain how much it costs to attend acupuncture school and what kind of financial aid is available at Pacific Rim College.

Tuition varies widely for acupuncture diploma programs in Canada. The average program tuition for all approved acupuncture programs in British Columbia is $27,400 (amounts listed in Canadian dollars and for domestic students). Pacific Rim College operates on a university-style credit system with tuition for each credit currently set at $210. For the 131-credit program, this equates to a full program tuition of $27,500, almost matching the provincial average.

A survey of three major Alberta colleges of TCM shows an average tuition of $31,000, and a similar survey of five major Ontario colleges shows an average of $24,000.

Why study at Pacific Rim College? PRC is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. Its 12,000 square foot heritage campus, located in historic Market Square in the heart of downtown Victoria, boasts numerous amenities including natural lighting in all classrooms, a spacious brick-paved courtyard, and a location across the street from Victoria’s famous Inner Harbour and the Johnson Street drawbridge.

The School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Pacific Rim College provides high quality education and both enrolment and scheduling flexibility. Students can choose to study one, two or three semesters a year, and can change from year to year. Each student’s semester course schedule is determined by the student, providing flexibility for other life commitments.

Students who are not looking to earn credits can audit courses for the equivalent of $150 per credit ($10 per classroom hour) or $80 if already a program student. Non-matriculating (non-program) students  can enrol in any courses provided they have met course prerequisites and space is available.

All programs within the School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine require extensive clinical practice. Student can complete all clinical training in the on-campus Student Clinic that provides more than 7,000 natural health treatments per year. Additionally, students seeking to help those in need in developing countries can participate in our Global Outreach Program (GOP). The GOP provides acupuncture clinical training in 8 countries, including Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda. Additionally, students can complete clinical training with our Chinese university partner, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition to great academic and clinical acupuncture training, PRC also has several financial aid possibilities. For eligible students there is the Canada Student Loans program. BC students should visit the Student Aid BC website for applications and information. Students outside British Columbia can go to to get information about student loans and apply.

PRC also provides unique scholarships and bursaries. In the Diploma of Acupuncture program, all new students are eligible to apply for the Pacific Rim College Bursary. The amount of the bursary is $500 for the first semester and $250 for the second semester. Applicants must take 18 credits a semester during the first two terms.

Returning students in the Diploma of Acupuncture are eligible to apply for two scholarships. The Anton Jayasuriya Memorial Scholarship is for those who meet the qualifications of both financial need and demonstrated humanitarian efforts. One $500 scholarship is granted each semester. The Darshan Lalli Scholarship is awarded based on both community service and academic achievement.

The cost of acupuncture school can vary greatly and we hope that we have answered your question. Contact us today to find out what financial aid packages are possible.