Past Graduate Interview – Anne Matthews

Anne Matthews

Name: Anne Matthews

Program Graduated: Diploma of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Location: Toronto, ON

Website: www.energytreeacupuncture

Question – What do you value most from your education experience at Pacific Rim College?

The connections I made with so many different, intelligent and empathetic students and staff. I embrace a holistic lifestyle – one that benefits my family and me – because of the amazing students and staff that surrounded me day in and day out at PRC. I never felt judged and I always felt encouraged. It was an amazing environment.

Question – How much has the schooling you received from Pacific Rim College helped you in your career?

The Business Class (with Betty-Ann Thompson) was actually where I created the business model for my hybrid community clinic… so my schooling was imperative in shaping my career.

Question – How did your clinical training help prepare you for career entry?

The student clinic introduced me to a lot of different therapeutic methods and many types of patients from different walks of life (all of whom needed to be met with a level of empathy and professionalism). The clinic was well run, the teachers were very capable and the confidence in my ability to treat increased substantially over only a year.

Question – How easy was it to find work after graduating from Pacific Rim College?

After moving to Toronto, I opened my own clinic 6 months after graduating… as predicted in my original business plan.  

Question – Where are you currently working?

Energy Tree Acupuncture: Acupuncture for You + Your Best Life. Energy Tree is Toronto’s answer to affordable, safe and effective (drug-free) health care and total body healing. Conveniently located in Toronto’s Liberty Village.

Question – What do you think potential students should know before applying to Pacific Rim College?

I think they should know that PRC is the beginning of their education. Healing and becoming a healer is real work. However, business is what will allow you to be in the market to be able to help others heal. PRC’s business class was my game changer. Prior to coming to PRC, I was already a gifted personal trainer, RAc and District Fitness Manager for Steve Nash Fitness World. The Practitioner Business Class – in particular – was what allowed me to materialize my clinic in reality.