Post Graduate Interview – Alix Jean

Alix Jean

Name: Alix Jean, R.Ac., B.Sc. (Hon.)

Program Graduated: Diploma of Acupuncture

Location: Victoria, BC    


Question – What do you value most from your education experience at Pacific Rim College?

  1. Without question, the passion and dedication to the medicine that was demonstrated by my teachers has lead me to explore and further my own passion for Eastern Medicine wholeheartedly. While they all had their different views and treatment styles, they all “embodied the medicine” and really lived by what they believed in. There was a warmth and friendliness that went beyond professional requirements and really made me feel like I belonged there.
  2. All those free treatments! One of the ways I learned best was receiving treatment from others students, comparing what I liked and what I didn’t, and getting immediate feedback from students I was treating that let me know their likes and dislikes.

Question – How much has the schooling you received from Pacific Rim College helped you in your career?

Before PRC, I didn’t know I wanted to be an acupuncturist at all and now I’ve devoted my career to the study and practice of this medicine in order to catalyze true vibrant health in others. It’s a constant challenge and I know have so much to learn but I also feel I learned all the basic 

Question – How did your clinical training help prepare you for career entry?

I guess I appreciate the exposure I had to so many different styles of treatment, especially 5 Elements and Japanese Meridian Therapy which I hear the more “old school” schools don’t focus on as much but which I’ve found fit my treatment style really well. If you make proper use of your clinic time you can learn a lot from this approach (i.e. 1 practitioner to about 5 students leaves enough time for 1 on 1 instructing for each patient that comes in the door).

Question – How easy was it to find work after graduating from Pacific Rim College?

I’ll be honest, business startup is hard, but I did find a position immediately after registration as an acupuncturist.

Question – Where are you currently working?

Coastal Roots Integrative Health 

Question – What do you think potential students should know before applying to Pacific Rim College?

  1. While we are learning holistic medicine there’s this desire to embody it too, so for me I put a lot of pressure on myself to be this healthiest version of myself. I think that this is a great goal but also it’s a lot of pressure to be learning holistic health and applying everything you learn to yourself and expecting major results. So I would say remember that you’re human! You’re going to get “Intern’s Disease” and think you have everything wrong with you that you’re learning about; just remember that stress and worry are making any condition worse, so take care of yourself but don’t try for perfection.
  2. Take the classes that appeal to you the most! I started in the “Natural Health Program” which is basically an overview of all types of natural medicine but I ended up loving the Chinese Medicine classes and switched to acupuncture almost right away. Still loving it .