Post Graduate Interview – Amanda Peters

Amanda Peters

Name: Amanda Peters

Program Graduated: Holistic Doula Certificate

Location: Vancouver, BC         


Question – What do you value most from your education experience at Pacific Rim College?

The course also offers enough time to be introduced to a wide range of wellness modalities, to offer our clients just that much more. The curriculum includes herbal medicine, massage techniques, nutrition, homeopathy, acupressure, yoga therapy and so much more to really prepare an aspiring Doula with a wide range of skills. This is the most comprehensive course in North America and would highly recommend it!

The instructors at Pacific Rim College are phenomenal. I really enjoyed learning from each and every one of them. I believe the teachers are what truly sets Pacific Rim College apart from the rest. The passion that each and everyone carry in their area of expertise is what makes the classes so valuable. We had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field, and for that I will be forever grateful!

Question – How much has the schooling you received from Pacific Rim College helped you in your career?

I feel confident not only in my skills as a Doula, but in how to make a business out of what I love and am passionate about. I feel like I received enough training to offer my clients a wide array of skills to meet and exceed their expectation of what a Doula can offer.

Question – How did your clinical training help prepare you for career entry?

I felt prepared and confident entering my new career as a graduate. I feel like all aspects of my field were well covered and I have the knowledge and training to back up my work.

Question – How easy was it to find work after graduating from Pacific Rim College?

I had people lined up and waiting for me to graduate and the work hasn’t stopped since I graduated! 

Question – Where are you currently working?

I have set up my own practice. I am working the exact amount that I intended, and for this I am very grateful!

Question – What do you think potential students should know before applying to Pacific Rim College?

I think students should know the Holistic Doula Certificate program can literally change your life. You never know what specialty area in this course will really inspire you to focus on. Upon graduating, our class all agreed that the hardest yet most rewarding part of our program was the personal growth we all had to go through!