Post Graduate Interview Brendan Murray-Nellis

Brendan Murray-NellisName: Brendan Murray-Nellis R.Ac.  

Program Graduated: Diploma of Acupuncture    

Location: Winlaw and Kaslo B.C.


Question – What do you value most from your education experience at Pacific Rim College?

Pacific Rim College is a place where I could learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine while still exploring other modalities and traditions. It is extremely valuable to have an education where the professors have a diversity of backgrounds from Chinese TCM Doctors to Chiropractic and Natropathic Doctors.

Question – How much has the schooling you received from Pacific Rim College helped you in your career?

I’m in my third year as a practicing Acupuncturist and Western Herbalist after graduating from Pacific Rim College. While the education gave me the knowledge to be well prepared for my board exams, it also propelled me forward with an open mind and thirst for learning. PRC introduced me to many styles of Acupuncture which I have been able to incorporate into practice which is important when faced with the challenge of starting from scratch in a rural area. I now have a busy rural practice in BC with over 450 patients and continue to grow.

Question – How did your clinical training help prepare you for career entry?

The extra hours required by the school helps you get comfortable with the role as a healthcare professional. It is so important to be at ease when faced with so many stories of pain and suffering. By the end of my time at Pacific Rim I knew what to expect as I began on my own.

Question – How easy was it to find work after graduating from Pacific Rim College?

It is hard to find work as a non-allopathic health practitioner. I decided to move to a rural town which didn’t have an Acupuncturist.

Question – Where are you currently working?

As I am in a rural part of the Kootenays, population is a major limiting factor in building a practice. I work two days a week in Kaslo BC at a multidisciplinary clinic which I helped found, then I work in Winlaw BC for two days, where I share an office with a Medical Doctor and on Fridays I do some work at a day spa in Castlegar BC. My life is similar to an old horse and buggy travelling doctor going from town to town.

Question – What do you think potential students should know before applying to Pacific Rim College?

The courses at Pacific Rim are challenging and you must devote yourself to your studies. It is also a place which is full of passionate and devoted professors and staff. By the time you make it through your program you may not want to leave.