Homeopathy for Horses

This January on Pender Island, there was a little notice in the Pender Post about horses who had been rescued by two caring women, Mae Moore and Tracy Calvert. I (Shoshana Scott) got involved because I had seen the horses – a white horse, Panache, and a black pony, Starbuck – arrive in a muddy field several months earlier. Gradually they were getting thinner and more depressed. Eventually they were just standing still, ears back in the rain. No hay, no water, that I could see. 

Then, one day in January, I spotted them grazing at a different farm several miles away. The little pony was wearing a brand new blanket!

Rescued!  Mae and Tracy had made suggestions to the former owner about providing food, water and shelter. In the end nothing was done, the owners shrugged their shoulders, and eventually handed over the horses.

Panache was terrified and would not enter the borrowed horse trailer. Instead the horses were walked for miles down the road to their new home. This new farm property was donated for the horses until they found a new home.

After several weeks, the horses settled in. The day I met Panache for the first time he accepted his first blanket on his back. Once he felt it on him, he stopped moving away and just stood there, enjoying the warmth and protection from the winter rain.

A horse trainer was hired to teach trust and communication between horses and humans. The relationship between the women and the horses was thrilling to watch, like nothing I have ever seen with horses. They would take the horses out into the riding ring and play with them: pawing at the ground with their feet to encourage them to roll, running with them, even leaping themselves over little jumps to show how much fun it was, teaching trust and the experience of pleasure again. 

Enter Homeopathy 

The trauma of starvation and neglect manifested differently for each horse. Panache was aloof at first – as if to say “Do with me what you will” and at the same time terribly frightened. He was afraid of everyday things like people, having his head touched, dogs barking and especially storms. One morning after a windy, stormy night Mae found him thrashing on the ground with colic from the fear. 

Panache was given Aconitum napellus 1m right away. Aconitum napellus is a homeopathic medicine often prescribed for people who have experienced trauma. It is given when there is a state of intense fear manifesting in the body with symptoms from numbness to pain to even colic from anxiety. The day he finished it Mae said joyfully that Panache was playing with her! He would take her zipper latch into his mouth and move it up and down. Or tip her hat or steal a glove and throw it in the air. He is still on a Homeopathic program.

You can see Panache as he is today (https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gb0ogxhqky95oo8/AAAqGP4eU1-8S78zuFnJHOLCa), playful and literally jumping for joy over little white fences in the video with Mae.

About the Author

Dr. Shoshana Scott presents the weekend workshop Homeopathy 101 at Pacific Rim College on November 4-5. 

Inspired by Dr. Leelamma Nielsen, Dr. Scott completed a four year degree in Homeopathic Medical Science with an internship at Father Mueller’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Manganlore, India. Dr. Scott has a strong interest in bringing Homeopathy into mainstream medicine as a gentle, effective choice in health care. Dr. Scott now practices at the integrated medical clinic at the Victoria Community Health Cooperative in James Bay, Victoria, BC. Dr. Scott’s complete bio is available on her website at www.thehomeopathicdoctor.ca.