Campuses & Facilities

Pacific Rim College is located in British Columbia, Canada. The main campus is in the city of Victoria, in a famous heritage structure known as Market Square in the heart of downtown.

Market Square is comprised of eight nineteenth century buildings surrounding a spacious and peaceful brick-paved courtyard. PRC’s quintessential campus offers a perfect urban studying environment.

Primary Campus

The quaint atmosphere of Market Square makes for a perfect college campus, providing a secluded respite for students. The classrooms and administration offices occupy 15,000 square feet of continuous space in Market Square. The east-facing windows of the PRC overlook the peaceful courtyard; the west-facing windows provide an unobstructed view of the merging of Victoria’s famous Inner Harbour with the inland bound waters of the Gorge waterway; the north-facing windows look out onto Canada’s oldest Chinatown; and the south-facing windows view Victoria’s most popular boutique shopping district, LoJo. Each of PRC’s classrooms is sunlit with a character all its own.


Market Square’s extraordinary courtyard is an impeccably preserved Victoria landmark. Surrounding the courtyard on all sides are bricked facade of buildings more than a century old that are home to dozens of retail businesses and restaurants, including numerous vegetarian delights, and host to several major annual outdoor music festivals. The south-facing side of Market Square is the heart of Victoria’s prime retail sector, commonly referred to as LoJo. The courtyard itself is situated one full level below the rest of the city beyond its walls, providing an environment bathed in sun and protected from coastal winds. Smaller classes and discussion groups frequently convene within the courtyard, making it an ideal outdoor classroom.


The solarium is a spacious 1000 square foot sunroom that acts as the foyer to PRC’s main complex. The solarium overlooks the courtyard and, with bistro tables, doubles as a student lounge on rainy or cold weather days.

Student Clinic

The college has three student clinics, all of which are part of the main facility. Clinic North occupies about 2500 square feet and includes the organic herbal dispensary and 9 treatment rooms; Clinic South has 6 treatment rooms in about 1500 square feet; and Clinic East has 6 treatment rooms in 2000 square feet. Decorated with antique Asian furniture in a beautiful contemporary setting, the clinics provide the backdrop for a large portion of students’ clinical training. From the very beginning of their collegiate careers, students gain invaluable experience through their involvement in the clinic’s daily operations, including the recruitment and treatment of patients.

Herbal Dispensary

PRC’s Herbal Dispensary houses both Traditional Chinese and Western herbal products and herbs, many of which are organic or wildcrafted. Resident herbalists dispense formulations for PRC patients, and students learn the art of herbal dispensing in clinics and practical-based courses. Practical Herbal Pharmacy courses are taught largely in the Herbal Dispensary and provide students with the skills and knowledge to produce tinctures, salves, poultices, pills, creams and other herbal medicaments.


The college’s faculty and student libraries, consisting of hundreds of volumes related to Eastern and Western Medicine, are constantly expanding to provide a wide array of study and research materials. All of the books are accessible to current PRC students and faculty.


PRC’s on-campus bookstore has hundreds of titles in stock in disciplines such as Eastern and Western Medicine, Nutrition, Medical History, Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture, Permaculture and more. PRC always strives to maintain the lowest book prices anywhere in Canada.

Secondary Campuses

Tiny Tree Herb Farm

Tiny Tree Herb Farm is located near the coastal community of Brentwood Bay overlooking the Malahat. This 6-acre farm organically grows a variety of food, along with medicinal and culinary herbs, trees and mushrooms. The rich soil, spring-fed water and ample sun exposure makes it a beautiful place to grow.

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