Students and Alumni

My experience in the Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma has been life altering in all of the best ways. The way I look at the world, at our ecosystems and at our history as individuals and a society has forever been changed. The value of understanding regenerative farming, sustainable practices and how to thrive while practicing permaculture principles are priceless. I am grateful for all of the instructors that shared their passions with us and continue to plant seeds of inspiration and knowledge for a brighter future.
– Nikki Wilkinson, Alumnus

To me, the PDRE program embodies holism in every sense of the word. It is a re-remembrance of what it means to be a human on this earth, and reminds us how to co-create with the land and its people in an inventive, harmonious way that celebrates the unique gifts and contributions of all. When I think back to all that I have experienced through this program, I recall how it felt to make a hawthorn tincture, or learn how to sheet mulch, or taste a medlar for the first time. It has taught me a deeper, more grounded way of interacting with the past and the future in this pivotal time on earth – honouring where we come from, learning how to be a good ancestor. We have had so many awe-inspiring teachers who, through their diverse knowledge sets, have created this beautifully intricate web of earth wisdom for us to explore. I feel as though this program has served as a multidisciplinary introduction to many of the facets of the permaculture field that one may wish to pursue. I now have a much clearer vision of the work I would like to be involved in, thanks to this program. As one of my former classmates recently said to me, the richness of this school year is still revealing itself to her. I believe that it will continue to do so for a long time. We now each have the opportunity to delve deeper and expand our abilities in whichever way calls to us. What an incredible gift this has been.
– Dominique Argan, Alumnus

Pacific Rim College, including the people who help run it as well as attend it, has been incredibly special to me, and frankly, has been the most positive and significant impact on my life to date. I really treasure PRC. Attending the school is incredibly significant to me, and I hold the College in high reverence.
– Latasha McMullen, Alumnus

I am so grateful to have made the decision to attend the Holistic Doula Certification at PRC. I appreciated the depth of knowledge each instructor brought to the program and how each course complemented my learning in its own unique way. I left the program feeling excited, prepared and inspired to work as a Doula. The other students in the program quickly became close friends. They are people I know I will be able to reach out to and rely on in my work as a doula in years to come. Not only did I gain the practical knowledge and technical skills to work as a doula but I also learned the business skills to make this work obtainable and sustainable.
– Gabrielle Emmett, Alumnus

My proudest achievement is having studied at Pacific Rim College and completing the Diploma of Phytotherapy program. Pacific Rim College attracts the most passionate teachers, students, and healers, and that strong, positive energy is apparent on the PRC campus. I feel honoured to have learned from amazing teachers about the human body, ancient traditions and herbal folklore, modern scientific research, and in depth information on herbs and working with people from all backgrounds and health concerns. Two and a half years after graduation, I still find myself on campus often, visiting the herbal dispensary and utilizing the amazing student clinics. I am forever grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained and the amazing community of people I am a part of because of Pacific Rim College.
– Lauren Truscott, Alumnus, Herbalist, Practitioner at Body Blueprint Fitness, Wellness, & Education

The Holistic Doula program really exceeded all of my expectations. The teachers were all amazing professionals from their field, many of them still practicing while teaching. They created a safe space to explore ourselves as Doulas and as individuals. I left the program with a huge amount of confidence, a plethora of new skills and an authentic Doula practice. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well rounded Doula training program and also to practicing Doulas looking to upgrade their training (like I was). For the ultimate Doula training program, look no further!
– Vanessa Brown, Alumnus

Learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has changed my reality and the way I perceive the purpose of life forever. Learning TCM at Pacific Rim College allowed me to develop my skills and understanding in a supportive, nurturing, and loving environment. I had only ever planned to study acupuncture, a three year program at PRC, but the inspiring teachers, the motivating lay-out of the programs, the richness of course material, changed my mind and I completed the full doctorate. I did a portion of my clinical residency in China, which only reinforced my confidence in all we have been taught at PRC. I could follow what the doctors were doing, I could recognized herbal formulas, predict point prescriptions, and work with the doctors in furthering my understanding of the classic texts. Even fellow TCM students in China were impressed at how much we have learned throughout our studies, which is a testament to the quality of education at PRC. Finally, to me, PRC has been more than school, it has felt like family, and though I have finished my course work, it is hard to leave.
– Carmen Bedard-Gautrais, Alumnus

I have been thoroughly impressed by Pacific Rim College. Pacific Rim holds high professional standards while maintaining an atmosphere of wellbeing and community. The environment supports students and challenges them to grow into skillful practitioners. I would recommend PRC to anyone who is seeking a place that has deep knowledge and embodied understanding in the field of health and healing.
– Jennifer Raye, RTCMP, RYT, Alumnus

Today I graduate from the most amazing program I have ever done! I have spent the last four months expanding my knowledge, digging deep into the history of women and birth, sharing tears, love and wisdom with 14 of the most amazing sisters and 8 of the most incredible instructors I have had the pleasure to know. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to share it will all the women, men and babies I meet in the coming years! If you have ever wanted to working with pregnancy and birth or want more training in it, I hardly have words for how this program will support and transform you and those you work with!
– Marika Hall, Alumnus

Attending the Holistic Doula Program at PRC has been by far the most fulfilling educational decision I have ever made. The teachers of this program are incredibly inspiring and passionate about the information they share with the students; each and every one an expert in their field. Never have I been so inspired, and I can’t explain with words how wonderful this program is and how much it has to offer. Whether you are an experienced doula or someone simply who has an interest in birth and pregnancy– this program has something great in store for you!
– Alesha W., Alumnus

I had a wonderful experience studying at Pacific Rim College for my Diploma of Acupuncture. The courses are well organized. The instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly and easily approachable. I could always talk to any of the instructors during or after class if I ever had any questions. The clinical training is well balanced to foster independence while providing appropriate guidance. I enjoyed the community clinic setting, where the students are able to observe one another and share their experience. The college also provides the opportunity to broaden our study interest. Besides Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine classes, I was also able to take a few western herbal medicine classes. I would recommend this college to anyone interested in complementary and integrative medicine.
– Victoria Dong, Alumnus

sasha-ormiston-webI don’t think I could say enough good things about PRC. After spending three years at a large university, the smaller class sizes and compassionate teachers were an inspiring change. The school itself is a beautiful and nurturing space, and the staff and students make it that much more amazing. I learned so much about myself, gained a new outlook on the world and was trained in an amazing form of healing that has given me a job I am so proud of. I would recommend PRC to anyone, the staff and faculty are educated, kind and helpful individuals who want to see their students grow and succeed in the world of health. I will forever be grateful for my experiences and education from PRC as well as the continued support as I start my own career path. Thank you so much for those three life changing years.
– Sasha Ormiston, RAc, Alumnus

Pacific Rim College is an ideal setting for the delivery of the classical teachings of Oriental medicine to the modern student. Overlooking Victoria’s harbour in the historic Market Square, the school is bright and airy: an enormous fish tank in the foyer reflects the dynamic atmosphere of learning and open inquiry. PRC’s flexible, student-oriented schedule allowed me to complete the acupuncture program while managing family and work. The curriculum fully prepared me for licensing exams. And, there was room left over to sample from the vast and ever-expanding menu of courses in complementary medicine presented at PRC from both local and global perspectives. PRC walks the talk in terms of the principles of complementary medicine: modelling and supporting students in making healthy choices – physically, mentally, spiritually, environmentally. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, I had all the tools I needed to launch my career as an acupuncturist. As an alumnus, I benefit from the considerable support that PRC provides.
– Cheryl Coull, RAc, Alumnus

After attending the community herbalist program at PRC I knew I had to go deeper into this material and decided to take the diploma of Phytotherapy program from 2011 to 2014. I’m so glad I did- what an amazing experience! From the incredibly knowledgeable teaching staff to the friendly administration, PRC really does a lot to nurture and inspire its students. Our clinical training is extensive and unparallelled in the field of herbal medicine, giving students an opportunity to gain real therapeutic experience in a professional setting with expert supervision. Oh and who can forget how great it was meeting such a lovely group of like-minded individuals, both students and staff.
– Tony Acworth, Alumnus

My involvement with the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal as a part of the PRC global outreach project was a significant moment in my learning and my professional career. The Global Outreach Project serves both the local and global community. When students go abroad they are exposed to experiential clinical training unlike any other. They gain invaluable skills which they bring back and apply in their local communities. Communities abroad benefit by having greater access to health care. I would highly suggest the PRC Global Outreach Program.
– Jennifer Raye, RTCMP, RYT, Alumnus

Pacific Rim College offered a supportive learning environment that helped me become the practitioner I am today. There was plenty of opportunity for discussions with professors both inside and outside of class which enriched the information we were receiving. The Administration Faculty was always willing to help and go the extra mile to make sure your needs as a student were met. Even though I have completed my studies at Pacific Rim College, I know that I could still contact the teaching staff and administrative faculty if I ever had any questions or needed assistance on my career path.
– Nicole Longstaff, RAc, Alumnus, Practitioner of Evoke Integrative Medicine

PRC is not just a school, but is a living educational institution in diversity where one can learn true professionalism in TCM. The TCM program in PRC is not simply a study of books or experimental practice in closed clinic rooms. PRC offers its unique Global Outreach Program. Through the volunteer experience of GOP, a student can face various diseases in different environments of China, Nepal, and African countries. It provides a great opportunity for a student to become a TCM practitioner outside the school.
– Tae Byun Hyun, Alumnus

victoria rohacMy time at Pacific Rim College was very special. In my three years at the college, I deepened my understanding of TCM and also discovered so much about myself as a patient and practitioner. Some of my peers are now my closest and dearest friends and colleagues. I feel so blessed to have learned under some of the most skilled teachers and practitioners in Canada. It was an experience so unique and unforgettable. I would highly recommend PRC to anyone interested in the alternative healing arts.
– Victoria Rohac, Alumnus

Throughout my 3 years as a student at Pacific Rim College I have felt that my education in Herbal Medicine has far succeeded other herbal training programs that I had previously inquired in before finding Pacific Rim College. The 3-year program is an intensive curriculum that will lay the foundation for your life. Not only will you be learning skills in Herbal Medicine, you will be learning skills for your own personal development as well as your business! From doing a previous University degree where I left feeling not fully prepared and unclear of which direction to follow, I found that this program is designed so that from each course you gain another piece of your toolbox, so when you graduate from this program, you leave with a well-laid out plan and a full toolbox, ready for to open the doors of your own clinic – and I opened my clinic two weeks after graduation with an armful of patients that wanted to follow me to my own clinic, giving me a head start on my patient base!

When I first entered Pacific Rim College – I had signed up for a workshop before making the final decision to apply – and I was overwhelmed with the feeling of home that exhibits from the space. The layout is warm, and friendly inviting you in for a cup of tea. I noticed that all of the students were friendly and chatting and I immediately fell in love with the College. However there was this one moment that was my deciding moment to join this school – it was during our field trip with the Medicinal Mushroom workshop where we were hiking around a beautiful forest looking for mushrooms when our class found this amazing spruce tree dripping with fresh sap. Some of the students’ reactions were to immediately lick the sap right from the tree. It was it right then that I felt fully at home and in my element surrounded with plant lovers. I signed up for the 3-year program knowing that I took a path in my life full of healing and plants in my future.

This College is a community. This isn’t the college where no one knows your name, that you fill out endless paperwork to just to find out that you need to go to a different administration office – this is a community of like-minded thinkers, where everyone knows your name, and where you will find that you never want to leave the college and your crew of herbal friends. It is definitely a moment out of time and I am so blessed that I had those 3 precious years of moments and now I have my direction and I have my toolbox full of plant medicine to share to my community.
– Krista Poulton, Alumnus

Thank you so incredibly much again and again, for such a wonderful program. I am so grateful and honoured to have been part of such a beautifully designed course with such wonderful teachers and students. I am leaving this program feeling confident and empowered to truly embark on the path of a Holistic Doula.
– Emily, Alumnus

Faculty and Authors

margi-flintWhy a Diploma earned from Pacific Rim College? Over these forty years of herbal practice and teaching clinical skills across the States, Europe and Canada I consider Pacific Rim College to offer a fully rounded experiential program. An aspiring herbalist may earn a Diploma of Phytotherapy or Certificate in the Community Herbalist Program. Traditional foundational studies are enlivened by harvesting thoughts and practices delving into, and masterfully blending, the deep connection to plants through spirit, history, science, advanced clinical studies with weathered herbalists and hands on practice with patients. Graduates are empowered and fully qualified to serve we humans in clinical practice in their own village or city. Then practice, practice, practice.
– Margi Flint, Visiting Faculty, Author of The Practicing Herbalist

graeme tobynAn intensive study period with a group of students of herbal medicine at Pacific Rim College at various stages of their training demonstrated not only their resilience and stamina in a learning environment but their sheer enthusiasm for all aspects of the study. Although we were based in classrooms, the fresh herbs I brought in were easily identified in the organoleptic session and the students’ practical skills were clearly facilitated by a well-stocked and efficient clinic dispensary. Medical and herbal theory and herbal philosophies were thoroughly debated and examined from diverse aspects and with regard to practice. The teaching facilities were very comfortable and provided everything I needed for my presentations. I enjoyed working at Pacific Rim College immensely!
– Graeme Tobyn, BA, PGCertHE, FNIMH, Visiting Faculty, Author of Culpeper’s Medicine

Peter conway It is a great privilege to be involved in the work of PRC – a visionary institution buzzing with excitement and inspiration and amazing students. If I had to retake my herbal training anywhere in the world right now – I would do it at PRC, without hesitation. It does my heart good to see herbal medicine flourishing in such a perfect setting on the wild and beautiful West Coast.
– Peter Conway, Faculty, Author of The Consultation in Phytotherapy

I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to study herbal medicine and believe the program at PRC has provided me with a foundation for life long herbal practice. The Western Herbal Medicine program is well lindsay hounslow structured and the college staff and student body are always supportive. In looking for a program I was seeking mentors that were knowledgeable, compassionate and inspiring and I certainly found that at PRC. I was particularly impressed with the ability of the teachers to foster the scientific inquisition needed for health care in our current culture, as well the holistic and intuitive aspects of healing. Each teacher brought a unique set of skills and deep passion. One of my greatest lasting impressions comes from individually smelling, tasting and feeling over 150 plants. The time taken to truly get to know plants in the classroom, garden and and forest is invaluble. Likewise the time spent one on one with patients in clinical practice hours was imperative to building the confidence and competence to build a professional practice.
– Lindsay Hounslow, RHT, MCPP, Alumnus, Faculty, Owner of Linden Lotus

Robert-RogersI love teaching herbal medicine at Pacific Rim College. Students are keen, apothecary is incredible. It is a magical place that celebrates plants and healing at a high level of intuition, intelligence and imagination.
– Robert Rogers, RH, (AHG), Visiting Faculty, Author of Fungal Pharmacy


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