Doula Finder

As a leading educator of Doulas and proponents of the services they provide to mothers during the birthing process, we are pleased to help you find a Doula who may assist you during your birth.

If you are seeking a Doula and would like to be contacted by graduates of our doula training program, please complete the form below.  (You may be contacted by Doulas that are within your proximity, available for your birth, and who meet your financial preferences. Your contact information will not be provided to anyone other than our Doula alumni.)

Please note we have many Doulas located throughout Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and interior BC. Although we also have Doulas practicing in many other provinces, at this time you are most likely to find a Doula if you are located within the BC regions listed above.

If you prefer not to be contacted by Doulas, you can use our Practitioner Directory to search for Doulas and other healthcare practitioners.

    A Doula is a person who assists women before, during and after labour by providing emotional and physical support and information to both the labouring mother and her family. Emotional support may include encouragement, providing recommendations and assisting in decision-making. Physical support may include massage, nutritional guidance and postural recommendations. In North America Doulas are not governed by any professional practitioner body. Numerous organizations provide certifications for Doulas, but none of these certifications are necessary for someone to serve as a Doula. As an unregulated profession, liability insurance is not commonly carried by Doulas. By utilizing this Doula finding service and submitting this form, I acknowledge that Pacific Rim College is in no way liable for the services that I will receive, during my labour and pre- and post-partum.

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