WellPlan is unique wellness plan designed to keep you and your family healthy through the regular use of non-toxic, sustainable therapies. You will not only experience greater vitality and less illness, but you may also notice an increased feeling of balance and well-being in your life.

Membership Services

Acupuncture is a system of medicine based on the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through the insertion of extremely fine needles into the skin, acupuncture gently encourages the restoration of health and well-being. Each session in our Acupuncture Clinic consists of a thorough health evaluation followed by a treatment consisting of acupuncture, and possibly also complementary therapies including acupressure and moxibustion.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM)
TCM herbal clinics are combined with Acupuncture clinics. The philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine are used to evaluate patients and prescribe herbs. At the time of booking, patients can ask to receive either or both services. Patients have the option to purchase customized herbal remedies at the completion of the treatment.

Western Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)
Herbal Medicine  is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of illness and disease. Although it is arguably the oldest form of medicine in the world, with the advancement of modern science and thousands of years of empirical evidence, we now better understand chemical complexity of plants and their astonishing efficacy in remedying human ailments. Each session in our Herbal Medicine Clinic consists of a thorough health evaluation followed by the creation of a customized herbal prescription. Patients have the option to purchase customized herbal remedies including teas, tinctures, creams and more.

Holistic Nutrition
Holistic Nutrition is not calorie-counting, measuring grams of fats and carbohydrates, or applying concepts of the Food Pyramid. It involves deeply exploring the health of an individual and using wholesome foods to maintain or improve health. Patients undergo a thorough health assessment and are then provided nutritional guidance including recommended diet changes and/or meal plans.

Membership Benefits

All members receive Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine treatments in Pacific Rim College’s Student Clinic. Treatments are performed by licensed practitioners with student observers, or by advanced-level students under direct supervision of licensed practitioners.

All treatments are approximately 90 minutes, although follow-up treatments can often be done in an hour or less if the situation warrants.

Members are entitled to the following each month:

Four scheduled acupuncture visits per monthAcupuncture clinics are held 5 days a week. Visit Clinical Services for the current schedule. Additional appointments booked in advance are charged at $35.
Unlimited Holistic Nutrition ConsultationsHolistic Nutrition consultations are free to WellPlan members until further notice. Visit Clinical Services for the current schedule.
Unlimited Herbal Medicine ConsultationsWestern Herbal and TCM Herbal Consultations are free to members. Custom organic remedies are available to purchase. Visit Clinical Services for the current schedule.
Unlimited acupuncture appointments at Community ClinicCommunity Clinic is an acupuncture clinic in which patients are treated in a large room. Appointments are not taken for Community Clinic as all treatments are drop-in only. Community Clinic is open select weekday evenings from 3:30-6:30pm 45 weeks of the year. Visit Clinical Services for the current schedule.
Unlimited standby  appointmentsStandby treatments are those made with 24-hour’s notice or less. Call within 24 hours of when you wish to be treated. If there is an opening, it is yours.

Clinic Hours of Operation

WellPlan clinical services are open to members 45 weeks yearly. Typically the clinic will be closed for two weeks over the winter holidays and one week at each of the following times: early March, late April, late June, late August, and mid October. The clinic is also closed on all statutory holidays. The schedule changes slightly every January, May and September and will be updated at those times.

Please visit our Student Clinic page for the current clinical schedule.


The cost of WellPlan is only $50 inclusive per month, which will automatically be charged once per month in the beginning of the month. A 3-month commitment is required at time of initial enrolment.

How to Enrol

Simply complete a WellPlan Waitlist Form and send it to us or drop it off during your next visit. Although there is currently a waitlist, once a position becomes available, you will be notified and your coverage will begin immediately upon activation of your plan.

Cancellation Policy

If you are not completely happy with WellPlan, you can cancel at any time after fulfilling your initial 3-month obligation by submitting written or verbal notice. Cancellations will take effect immediately, but no refunds will be given for unused dues.


At the beginning of each month of your membership, we will automatically bill your credit card to cover your member fees.

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