EGM for the CTCMA

The Extraordinary General Meeting for the CTCMA will be held on August 29, 2017.

The motions being voted on will be the removal of two Board members: Weijia Tan and Bao Qi Ben.

I know both them [Weijia Tan and Bao Qi Ben] very well.They always do some good jobs in CTCMA.

– Dr. Kai Chen, DrTCM

I served on the Board for nearly two years with both of the individuals mentioned above, and I can attest to their character, ethics, and value to the profession of TCM.
– Todd Howard

The CTCMA Board has released a statement encouraging registrants to vote against this motion, and I strongly agree to voting against this motion. A loss of these two Board members will adversely affect the TCM industry in BC.

Casting Proxy Votes

If you are unable to attend the EGM, the only way to cast a vote is via proxy. The only way to do that is to find a registered member who will be at the EGM who is willing to vote for you, and each attending member can only cast 3 proxy votes. This link includes the form and information about proxy voting. Please note that the registration for proxy voting must be received in person or by mail by the CTCMA at least 6 days prior to the EGM.

Registrants Attending EGM

If you are attending the EGM and are willing to cast proxy votes for those unable to attend, please email to have your name added to a confidential list. As we receive requests from those not attending, we will connect them with you so you can cast a proxy vote on their behalf. Once you have reached your maximum of 3, please let us know so we can remove your name from the list.

Registrants Not Attending and Voting by Proxy

If you are not attending the EGM and are want to vote via proxy, please email so we can try to connect you with someone who can vote on your behalf. We will only contact you once we have found someone who may be able to cast a proxy vote for you.

Thanks for your attention to this urgent matter.

Todd Howard