Acupuncturist – London ON Canada

We are here to help you create the practice of your dreams with a unique opportunity available for an Acupuncturist to practice in a well-established multi-disciplinary supportive setting.

We are focused on helping our patients maintain their optimum expression of health through a whole body wellness approach, balancing the mind, body and spirit. This is done through a subluxation specific, focused adjustment. With lifestyle, nutritional advice and the use of high-vibrational homeopathic remedies, when needed, to further help our patients on the path to healing. We practice bio-energetic medicine and a technique called Body Systems Analysis, developed by Dr. Folkard. This technique, based on Applied Kinesiology, muscle testing, and acupuncture points help us determine any internal imbalances. In the 30 years Dr. Folkard has been in practice, this technique has helped thousands of patients find the true cause of their symptoms.