Holistic Doula Certificate Courses

Below is the list of Holistic Doula Certificate courses offered at Pacific Rim College.

Doula Clinic (DCP101)

Students work independently with clients and assist them through the entire intake, assessment and education process with the guidance of the clinical supervisor. Students enhance skills of consultation and learn to support clients while educating clients and providing them with dietary, herbal, exercise and acupressure techniques to serve each individual.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 1    Hours: 18

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology for Doulas (DLA/BMS105)

Students are introduced to the fundamental structures and functions of the human body both internally and externally, including major systems, organs and tissues, and components of microbiology. This course includes theoretical and practical components. Emphasis is on female reproductive anatomy and physiology, including changes that occur during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

Doula Training and Ethics (DLA101)

This course introduces students to the essence of being a Doula and the role and services that a Doula provides before, during, and after birth for the mother and partner/family. Primary focal points include establishing and maintaining a meaningful relationship with Mother, support training, and understanding how to provide encouragement while always respecting Mother’s desires and beliefs. Topics within these focal points include the following: Holistic Childbirth Preparation, The Support Role, Breastfeeding, Relationship Building, Postpartum care and more.

A Doula who assists in birth and postpartum care should meet the following competencies:
– Have an understanding of the physiology of birth and the emotional and physical needs of a woman in labour.
– Be prepared to assist Mother and partner/family in planning for and implementing the “birth plan”.
– Have the skills and stamina to provide continuous care, emotional support, physical support, and objective and supportive guidance at all times.
– Have the ability to assist Mother and partner/family to obtain the information that they need in order to make informed decisions.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 39

Intro to Midwifery & Primary Health Providers (DLA102)

Understanding the role of midwifery in pregnancy and childbirth is paramount to a Doula. Key areas covered in this course include an introduction to the collaborative model of care for the childbearing woman by the Doula/Midwife Team and other Obstetrical Providers in the context of our rapidly evolving society.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 21

Energetics of Doula Work (DLA103)

Birth work is one of the most potent places of “working” life. At this threshold between here and ‘the great beyond’, energy can be strong, things can change fast (or be incredibly slow!) and the doula’s job is to stay present and grounded as parent and baby ride the waves. This class is designed to help students orient toward and understand their personal selves as a care providers and birth advocates; to get to know the personal energetic system in its capacities and limitations, and to feel confident in the capacity to provide physical support of parent and baby during and after the birth. This course explores what the doula’s system needs when acutely stressed so that the doula can continue to be present for clients. Students practice the capacity to speak and advocate for clients. Students work with hands-on practices to help develop energetic capacities, sense of boundaries, and also to apply therapeutic practices to clients at the appropriate times during the care-providing relationship.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 14

Intro to “Family Support” for Doulas (DLA104)

Communication, coordination and connection are the guiding topics of this course. We discuss various family systems and scenarios and how to increase the field of support for our clients by identifying areas of need and assisting with creative problem solving that brings community together around the postpartum person. Through this course students will be able to understand, support and build trust with their client’s family, including feeling confident gatekeeping with graceful boundaries.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 14

Intro to Herbal Medicine for Doulas (DLA105)

Herbs have been used for millennia to assist in childbirth. This course covers the fundamentals of herbal medicine in the context of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and baby and child care.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 21

Tai Qi for Doulas (DLA106)

Tai Qi Chuan is the Chinese system of healing that uses specific movements and exercises that are intended to harmonize and improve both body and spirit. This course, containing both theoretical and practical components, introduces students to the fundamental theories and practices of Tai Qi Chuan. Emphasis is placed on movement and breathing techniques leading up to birth, during birth, and after birth.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 15

Holistic Nutrition for Pregnancy and Childbirth (DLA107)

An integral part of most natural therapies is nutrition. Since food is a primary source of energy, it has a great potential to influence our health. In order to utilize the power of food we must understand its nature and function. Foods have their own specific temperatures, flavours, and actions, as well as affinities for certain organs. When these qualities are understood, dietary therapy can be applied to treat both general and very specific disorders.

As there are many ways to approach nutrition, this course explores a number of different perspectives including traditional ways of eating based on indigenous cultures, the benefits of eating locally, the use of culinary herbs and whole foods as medicine, and the modern lifestyle and environment. Emphasis is placed on nutrition in context to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and childhood development.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 21

Acupressure for Pregnancy and Childbirth (DLA108)

Acupressure is a therapeutic massage that can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture and herbal medicine. Through both theoretical and practical components, students learn the basic principles and common therapeutic techniques, learn how to treat various common syndromes, and gain an understanding of how to apply those in a therapeutic setting. Emphasis will be placed on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 10

Yogatherapy for Doulas (DLA109)

The practice of yoga is more than a thousand years old and is a fundamental resource in many cultures for maintaining health and wellness. Students are introduced to harmonizing breaths, postures and visualizations that can be taught to their clients for inner balance and physical relaxation.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 14

Doula Research and Presentations (DLA112)

This course supports students in researching and presenting on topics related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 10

Business Skills for Doulas (DLA113)

This course provides students with information necessary to utilize their education and qualifications in a professional capacity. Students are introduced to business planning and development, marketing strategies, systems for business set-up and record keeping/financials. Skills such as creativity, resourcefulness and critical thinking are vital to succeeding in the business arena where change is constant and decisions are based on variable factors.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 14

Infant Feeding Foundations & Support (DLA116)

Hands-on skills supporting infant feeding are essential for a Doula. This course provides grounding in the biomedical history of breastfeeding and human milk research and also gives Doula students the ability to practically and non-judgmentally support supplementation and formula feeding, to understand common barriers to breastfeeding, and knowledge of the infant feeding choice landscape through a trauma-informed lens. 

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 14

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