Permaculture Pattern Literacy Courses

Below is a list of Permaculture Pattern Literacy courses offered at Pacific Rim College.

Design Processes, Methods and Frameworks (PLPD101)

Slowing down, taking a step back and observing are important aspects of Permaculture designing. Participants will use all senses to explore the natural world and awaken new lenses for viewing and interacting with the world around them. This fundamental course features more of the core concepts of Permaculture.

Exploring patterns in a fun way, participants get a deeper glimpse into how nature works, why it is designed the way it is and how to apply its design to our gardens and lives. Human cultural patterns are discussed. Through a diversity of enjoyable exercises, participants explore a multitude of design processes, frameworks and methods that start building a toolkit for becoming successful designers.

Beyond land design, the application of the tools discussed are applied to participant’s own lives and livelihoods through an interactive “out of the box” design process.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 1    Hours: 20

Mapping & Site Surveys (PLPD201)

Fundamentals of hand drawn and digital map making are learned in this hands on course. In depth site surveying using a diversity of surveying tools are explored. Measuring, basic drafting, sourcing existing maps, creating to scale base maps, overlays and applying design elements are covered. A deepened understanding of the lay of the land and how to read the landscape are acquired. Participants learn to create visually appealing, professional renderings that can be presented to clients or organizations.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 2    Hours: 30

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