5 Element Acupuncture in Practice


This course gives students a solid and experiential understanding of the 5 element system and its application in clinical practice. Topics covered include the characteristics of each element, the relationships between them, and practical diagnostic and treatment methods. Students will learn to recognize and work with the elements as they manifest in patients and in themselves, and to bring them into balanced and healthy function. We will also cover how to identify and work with blocks according to the 5 element system and understanding how the 5 elements can be a powerful aid to working with human psychology.

*** Note that this course is delivered both through live online sessions and prerecorded videos which makes it ineligible for student aid. The hours for this course will not be counted towards your student aid eligibility.

Prerequisites: ACU101/102, ACU111/112, ACU113/114, OM101/102, BMS101/102, BMS103    Credits: 3    Hours: 38

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