Advanced Herbal Pharmacy


This advanced practical herbal pharmacy course examines manufacturing of both internal and external herbal preparations, focusing on herbal constituent extraction, preservation of herbal products, along with information regarding herbal regulations for products to be sold in Canada. The course entails a variety of tincture making preparations such as macerations (fresh and dried), percolations, decocted tinctures, and discussion regarding fluid extracts and spagyrics. Additionally, advanced herbal preparations such as herbal meads, shampoos/conditioners, toothpaste, deodorants, medicinal soap and sunscreens are made. Included is an advanced dermatology class focusing on facial creams and cleansers for a variety of skin types.

Each class is focused on one particular product, outlining ingredients used in traditional products versus more natural products, while the remainder of class is the hands on component of making the product. This class is focused on utilizing raw material ingredients and ‘from scratch’ recipes. Students are required to complete a project comparing constituent extraction with different tincture preparations and a practical presentation in class on a product of the student’s choice. This is an ideal class for anyone interested in creating their own dispensary and/or herbal products for the public.

Prerequisites: WHS111    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

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