Applied Permaculture Design


In small teams, students are paired with local residents, businesses or organizations requiring design assistance to create real-world permaculture designs. Participants apply their learning from throughout the program to work with their clients from consultation and mapping to design and presentation. Professional design packages will be created to culminate the projects.

Final packages consist of a written reports with review and evaluation of soil, water and plants systems, built infrastructure, energy systems, and human systems that affect the site. Recommendations for phased planning and budgeting for designs are shared. Visual maps and designs are included and consist of zone and sector drawings, as well as detailed design plans for quick fixes, retrofits and ultimate Permaculture systems.

To support stakeholder inclusion, tools, techniques and strategies that assist with community organizing and facilitation are shared. Various methods for guiding groups large and small are explored in different contexts. As part of the design process, participants have an opportunity to help to plan, organize and facilitate a group process specific to and appropriate for their project.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 5    Hours: 75

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