Business & Organizational Design


This course focuses the creation of right livelihood through the application of Permaculture to business and organizational design. Participants are introduced to a variety of different organizational structures and are guided through tools and techniques that empower them in the creation of effective plans for businesses and organizations. Permaculture design methods are applied in a creative way. Effective leadership and group decision making are covered. Effective marketing and communications are reviewed.

To integrate learning, everyone will choose their own area of focus and develop a practical business or project plan that will support them after the completion the Permaculture program. Participants will have the opportunity receive valuable feedback from course facilitators and others in the program. Topics include values, visioning, strategic planning, organizational structures, governance, program and partnership development, permaculture economics, marketing and niching. Fund development, land access and bioregionalism are explored.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 4    Hours: 55

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