Channel Based Acupuncture and the “Fast” Method for Pain Treatment and More


This course introduces students to simple and incredibly effective methods for treating pain and many other imbalances using a channel-based approach. These acupuncture-specific methods are often more immediate and direct than standard TCM, and do not require extensive syndrome diagnosis. With channel-based acupuncture, we learn to adjust the Qi as it flows through the channels to create immediate change. The product of over 15 years of teaching and practice, this course has been designed to be the simplest, most immediately relevant content that a beginning or experienced practitioner could learn to increase their clinical effectiveness. This course will also include integrating channel-based approaches with easy to learn pulse diagnosis methods to create powerful treatments targeted to where your patient needs it most.

*** Note that this course is delivered both through live online sessions and prerecorded videos which makes it ineligible for student aid. The hours for this course will not be counted towards your student aid eligibility.

Prerequisites: ACU101/102, ACU111/112, ACU113/114, OM101/102, BMS101/102, BMS103    Credits: 3    Hours: 38

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