CMCP111/112 Classmate Case Study Clinic


CMCP111/112 provides students with observational and therapeutic experience in a clinic setting. Students both observe and take part in the treatment of fellow students in attendance. Students learn clinical protocol, treatment etiquette, consultation, practical diagnosis, and therapeutic techniques, all while being treated themselves and observing treatment of their peers. Student cases and treatment are alternated and explored weekly, helping support their own health while completing their program at PRC.

Students enrolled in the clinic are treated by the instructor and by classmates, under direct supervision. Students should be open to sharing their health concerns with the supervisor and classmates, as all students will be observing the intake and treatment. No outside patients/members of the public are booked for this clinic.

This clinic may fulfill a maximum 1.5 credits of CMCP102 program credits.

*Students who have not met prerequisites can complete the last 3 credits of CMCP101 and ACU113/114 concurrent to taking this course.

Prerequisites: 9 credits CMCP101*, ACU113/114*, OM101/102, Must have and maintain a current CTCMA Student Registration number. Must be enrolled in a diploma program within the School of ACM.    Credits: 1.5    Hours: 45

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