Design for Resilience


It is always a hope that the communities will not be affected by natural or human caused disasters, however, at some point in our lives, each of us will somehow in some way will likely be impacted by an unexpected catastrophe. Governments along with local and global organizations usually have some kind of response plan, along with useful guides that can help support one in understanding how to respond to a disaster when it is happening. However, there are many gaps. Most plans rely on the intervention of government and social services and most resources support short term response, not considering that they may or may not be able to access those in need during an event.

This immersive workshop style course shares the Permaculture perspective of emergency preparedness and disaster response. When Permaculture is applied to resilience planning, many factors are considered that conventional approaches overlook including prevention, planning and preparedness for community response along with long term provisioning for food, water, shelter, first aid and waste to empower those affected to be able to respond with or without external aid.

Permaculture ensures that all people have a role in all phases of planning and response so that everyone feels included and that they are contributing during times of uncertainty.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 1    Hours: 15

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