Doula Training and Ethics


This course introduces students to the essence of being a Doula and the role and services that a Doula provides before, during, and after birth for the mother and partner/family. Primary focal points include establishing and maintaining a meaningful relationship with Mother, support training, and understanding how to provide encouragement while always respecting Mother’s desires and beliefs. Topics within these focal points include the following: Holistic Childbirth Preparation, The Support Role, Breastfeeding, Relationship Building, Postpartum care and more.

A Doula who assists in birth and postpartum care should meet the following competencies:
– Have an understanding of the physiology of birth and the emotional and physical needs of a woman in labour.
– Be prepared to assist Mother and partner/family in planning for and implementing the “birth plan”.
– Have the skills and stamina to provide continuous care, emotional support, physical support, and objective and supportive guidance at all times.
– Have the ability to assist Mother and partner/family to obtain the information that they need in order to make informed decisions.

Prerequisites: – –    Hours: 39

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