Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture


This course is an experiential and cognitive exploration of Dynamic Interactive Acu-Bodywork (DIA), developed over a twenty year period at the Victoria Pain Clinic by author, physician and acupuncturist Dr. Michael Greenwood. Through a combination of cognitive and practical coursework, participants acquire and learn the basic philosophy and techniques of DIA, including meditative techniques, breathwork, acupuncture/acupressure protocols and the importance of intention and context. A primary goal of this course is to inspire students to think of acupuncture as a tool for transformation, through an exploration of 5-elements, psychology, French Energetics and Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture. The healing techniques applied in this course can lead participants to have profound and potentially challenging healing experiences. Dr Greenwood is the author of Braving the Void, Paradox and Healing and The Unbroken Field.

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Prerequisites: ACU113/114, valid CTCMA Student Registration    Semester: Various    Instructor: Dr. Michael T. Greenwood    Fee: $15    Credits: 1    Hours: 15

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