Energetics of Doula Work

Birth work is one of the most potent places you can spend your “working” life. At this threshold between here and ‘the great beyond’, energy can be strong, things can change fast (or be incredibly slow!) and a doula’s job is to stay present and grounded as mom and baby ride the waves. This class is designed to help students orient toward and understand their role as a care provider and birth advocate; to get to know the personal energetic system in its capacities and limitations, and to feel confident providing physical support of mom and baby during and after the birth. This course explores what the doula’s system needs when acutely stressed so that the doula can continue to be present for clients. Students practice the capacity to speak and advocate for clients. Students work with hands-on practices to help develop energetic capacities, sense of boundaries, and also to apply therapeutic practices to clients at the appropriate times during the care-providing relationship.

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