Formulas and Strategies


Approximately 200 formulas in 20 therapeutic groups are covered in detail. For each formula, students learn its composition/ingredients, dosage, indications, formula analysis, cautions and contraindications and common modifications. At the conclusion of the course students are capable to safely and competently apply at least 100 formulas in the clinical setting and are prepared to pass British Columbia’s registration exam by having mastered 171 formulas as required by CTCMA. Furthermore, students gain the skill to develop their own formulas to treat a vast majority of disorders or syndrome patterns. Methods of formulation, preparation and modification are included as well as safety concerns for patient administration including contraindications and other patient concerns.

Prerequisites: BMS201/202, CBOT331, CBOT332, CBOT333 (or concurrent enrolment in CBOT333)    Credits: 6    Hours: 90

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