Foundational Concepts


The Foundational Concepts Course will cover 3 primary topics: an introduction to Permaculture, introduction to Indigenous perspectives in Permaculture and Primary concepts of Permaculture.

Introduction To Permaculture:
In this initiatory portion of the Foundational Concepts course, we will ground into the Permaculture program. Meet fellow classmates and together, create a foundation for a positive and effective class environment. This section offers tools to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and how to build optimal learning conditions during the program.

Participants will receive an in depth history of Permaculture and meet some of the Permaculture Pioneers who have greatly influenced the movement.

Introduction to Indigenous Perspectives in Permaculture:
Traditional and Indigenous practices are at the heart of the Permaculture Framework. It is important to acknowledge these roots with respect and gratitude.

This very valuable portion of the course, taught by an Indigenous facilitator, will support participants to become acquainted with the traditional territories they are residing on and how to respectfully address them. A clear understanding of the history of colonization will be discussed. Practical tools will be shared about how to build healthy and regenerative relationships with Indigenous People in community.

Primary Concepts of Permaculture:
In this portion of the course, we discover, what is Permaculture? Participants are introduced to primary concepts of Permaculture at the core of the framework. Through interactive activities, participants gain a deeper understanding of what Permaculture is, including key characteristics. The ethics and principles which are at the heart of what Permaculture is all about are discussed at length.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 3    Hours: 40

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