Foundations of Social Equity in Holistic Health Care


This course explores how a deeper understanding of social equity can inform and be applied in your practice as a holistic healthcare provider. Topics include an exploration of how structures of power and privilege function in our society and within ourselves, and how these can result in intersectional oppressions and experiences that are as unique as each individual. The course will include frameworks for understanding these complex processes, as well as personal strategies for building awareness, resilience, and strategies for broader social change. Sub-topics will include trauma-informed practice, Indigenous frameworks and history, and inclusivity of gender and sexual diversity. Each are explored in service of building a broader understanding of the ways we can bring a social equity approach into all therapeutic interactions. Foundational approaches are introduced and explored with the aim of providing long-lasting tools for holistic healthcare practitioners to apply both in their practices and in their own lives.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

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