Growing Food and Medicine Systems: Part Two


Building on the knowledge covered in Growing Food and Medicine Systems: Part One, this portion of the course focuses on perennial and annual plants that can be used in a permaculture garden setting, incorporating local wild food and medicine plants found in the Pacific Northwest. There is specific focus on ethnobotanical information and ethical harvesting considerations and practices. Specific harvesting practices and regulations for BC are also covered.

This course also covers the production and processing of herbal plants – both wild-harvested and cultivated – for market. Best practices for using wild-harvested and cultivated food and medicine in a commercial setting are explored. Students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on processing of herbal products and edible products. This course also covers the requirements for producing herbal and edible products for sale, and their regulation in the Canadian context.

See descriptions for FMS201a and b for more course information. 

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Prerequisites: FMS101    Credits: 8.5    Hours: 126

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