Herbalism for Everyday Health and Wellbeing


This course offers a balance of theory and practice that focuses on health and herbalism, including the processing of medicinal plants and foods.

A diversity of food and medicine plants are covered including their ecological role, harvesting considerations, preparation of plant materials for processing, appropriate and effective medicinal preparations, and their applications to human health conditions. Participants form of a deeper relationship with plants as allies and a thorough understanding of how humans and plants relate in everyday health and wellbeing. The healing process of acute and chronic imbalances with plants is discussed.

An introduction to primary herbal concepts, including how medicinal plants work via actions and constituents will be explored.

Participants will consciously connect with and harvest various medicinal species and make various types of medicinal preparations.

Conversations about considerations for at-risk species, regulatory issues for the Canadian marketplace, herbal first aid, and safety considerations for using herbal medicines will be shared.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 4    Hours: 50

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