Inclusiveness in a Clinical Setting: Implementing Best Care Practices for Trans* Patients


This course covers the social, genetic, and biochemical factors associated with gender transition, with some discussion of more broad LGBT related topics. An emphasis is placed on best professional practices, and the specific factors contributing to an inclusive and welcoming therapeutic environment. Topics covered include the hormonal controls of growth and development in utero, hormone actions and interactions in the body, the genetics of gender, and the mechanisms of action for the most common drugs and herbs associated with transgender patients available in both Canada and the US. Socially, the cultural challenges and impacts on patients are discussed, along with common concerns, which are connected to best practices in a therapeutic setting. The intersectional and self-reinforcing natures of discrimination are addressed, especially in relation to other LGBT-focused topics. The course is structured to be highly participatory, with students given the opportunity to examine specific questions that may arise both privately and as a class.

Prerequisites: BMS211, PD211    Instructor: Bryn Eliot

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