Intermediate Qi Gong


As an extension to OM112 Introduction to Qi Gong, this course builds on previous knowledge and experience by integrating both table and floor work into an intermediate level course. Floor work allows students to experience a restorative practice. They work with different partners to experience Qi Gong from both patient and practitioner perspectives. Table work gives the patient’s body (muscles) an opportunity to settle into the structure (skeleton) causing the release of muscle tension and the relaxation of the nervous system. Through this process students gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Table work establishes a greater understanding of how the joints work using the full range of motion with passive movement. Students learn how the joints organize themselves and interact with each other. Table work helps the patient’s body to modify old and harmful patterns. The focus of the class is on building a greater awareness of holistic movements bringing the body’s energies into harmony.

Prerequisites: OM112    Credits: 1.5    Hours: 22.5

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