Intermediate Qi Gong


This 45-hour course focuses on gaining a greater understanding of clinical and practical approaches to working with patients without the use of needling. As practitioners we work with individuals who are experiencing imbalance on one or more levels. This course builds skills for identifying where the blockages or restrictions of Qi flow (neurological recall) are, which can help determine what some of these imbalances may be. The body has a natural way in which it responds to the influences of the environment. Ripples, waves, and fulcrums follow energy momentum and flow. This concept of balance can be applied to the physical: the muscles, the skeleton, the nervous system, the blood flow and the organs. It can also be found in the structures of thought and intention in the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of our beings.

This course focuses on our calibration of touch, learning how to follow the shifts and responses within the body and implementing integration techniques. In this way we can become more aware of the areas that have shifted or still need shifting. Through observation and touch we are able to follow these responses in another’s system as well as our own. This is the sensitivity that we are moving towards when we are interacting with power points/trigger points/release of tension points. Through exploration of integration techniques we follow the sinking, pulling, and shifting through the body to better understand each unique unwinding process.

This is a clinical class where treatments are given to patients from the community.

Prerequisites: OM112    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

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