Introduction to Permaculture and Ecological Systems


This course explores the process, ethics and principles of Permaculture Design. It introduces students to the framework of permaculture and provides key examples of permaculture in action. Included within this framework of permaculture is a focus on water, soil and energy in the agroecosystem.

This course includes basic botany training and covers topics including introduction to plant physiology, anatomy, and morphology. Plant identification is practiced in both the field and the classroom.

A wide range of soil management techniques, including soil chemistry, structure, evaluation, remediation, and management are covered. An in-depth exploration of water systems includes attention to factors such as climate change and land use patterns, and water harvesting techniques for the small- and large-scale property. Techniques include Keyline design, ponds and swales, and irrigation.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 9    Hours: 133