Permaculture 101


Join us on campus and at Tiny Tree Herb Farm, on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula, for this introductory course where you will deepen your understanding of the natural world while gaining insight into the foundations of Permaculture.

With a focus on learning natures operating system, participants will understand how to apply the principles and patterns of nature to their land, life and livelihood.  Together, on a working farm, we will explore how to observe and interact with our environments to best create long term, healthy and productive systems that care for the planet, people and future generations to come. Participants will gain practical introductory skills in mapping, designing, propagating, garden management, pest management, soil building, water management, natural building, social permaculture and more!

As part of our learning adventure, we will also take field trips to the forest, urban gardens and other Permaculture sites.

To apply learnings, participants will have an opportunity to create mini designs for personal projects of their choosing.

This course is a great fit for folks who:

  • are curious about Permaculture and want to learn more
  • are interested in creating intentional designs for their land and/ or life
  • want to take a more holistic approach to the way they live
  • are inspired to learn how to start growing their own food and medicine
  • desire to build stronger relationships with the natural world
  • hope to create positive change in their lives and communities

For those who are seeking a more in depth Permaculture program, please check out our 10 month diploma program in Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems –

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

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