Phytotherapy Final Clinical Exam


Each Diploma of Phytotherapy student is required  to complete and pass a Final Clinical Exam during the final semester of the program. The exam is set up as a 60-minute mock clinical consultation, and the student is evaluated by a panel of 3 invigilators. Each exam will include a mock consultation with a patient, physical exam as requested by the panel, creation of a treatment plan for the patient, and oral questions from the panel regarding the consultation, physical exam and treatment plan in general.

Students are eligible to attempt the exam 3 times. If a student is unable to pass the exam after 3 attempts, the student is required to complete 3 credits of remedial course work prescribed by the panel (regular tuition rates apply). Once that remedial clinic or course work is complete, the student is then eligible to apply for another round of Final Clinical Exams attempts as necessary. This process repeats until the student is able to pass the exam.

Prerequisites: Registrants must be in their final semester of the Diploma of Phytotherapy or have permission from the Dean.

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