Plants, Animals and Mushrooms – Winter & Spring/Summer/Autumn


Fungi were some of the first complex life forms on land and plants make up for 80% of the total biomass on the planet. Animals can be considered the moving parts of the forest. An exploration of these 3 kingdoms is fundamental for anyone interested in a greater understanding of the natural world and wanting to create more resilient systems.

This extensive course will focus on 4 main components:
Theory, design, stewardship and traditional skills.

Taught through all 4 seasons, this course expands one’s knowledge of the natural world through an introduction to the mushroom, plant and animal kingdoms. The evolution of agriculture and how this has impacted land stewardship and management throughout time is explored. Participants will be introduced to and have practice designing with key Permaculture concepts including guilds, food forestry, and polycultural gardening.

There are opportunities to learn the ins and outs of planning, preparing, planting and caring for annual and perennial gardens from seed to seed. Proper harvesting techniques are reviewed. Mushroom cultivation and ethical animal management will be explored including the topics of Agroforestry and Syntropic farming. Participants will see and experience gardens, mushroom and animal systems from small to large scale, indoors and outdoors and for personal and professional means offering opportunities to identify key principles, methods and strategies for success. We also touch on Marine Permaculture.

With an understanding that cultures from all over the world have history embedded in traditional practices, there is an exploration of traditional skill building embedded in this course. Some aspects include introductions to; homesteading, preserving, traditional cooking methods, ethical hunting and wildcrafting.

Participants will enhance a connection with the rhythms and cycles of nature while learning practical skills that are inherent for living a life in harmony with the natural environment. Featuring a diversity of guest instructors with specialized expertise, participants are offered a taste of a variety of unique techniques and strategies to survive and thrive with the land.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 11    Hours: 160

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