Professional Cooking


Both Online and In-Person formats:


Join Chef Heidi Fink for a 14-week Professional Cooking experience from the comfort of your very own kitchen. Over the 14 sessions you will learn the fundamentals of cooking, kitchen safety, knife skills, recipe development, menu development, and more. We will cover the foundations of cooking, expanding to international cuisines, as well as how to cook and develop recipes for allergy-free meals. Throughout the course we will discuss and learn about the history and culture of various cuisines, ethical food issues, organic vs local, wild vs farmed, sustainable agriculture, food allergies and restrictions, cooking and eating fads, and more. Please note that for this virtual offering, grocery lists will be sent out in advance allowing you to participate directly by creating a dish alongside Chef Heidi in each class. As such, a small amount of your time will be required outside of the course hours in preparation of each weeks offering.


Join Chef & Herbalist Michelle Quintal for a 14-week Professional Cooking experience. Curriculum is structured to teach important recipes to enhance maximum versatility when preparing meals for future clients. Focus is on a wide-variety of cultural flavour pairings to ensure clean-recipes are of culinary art quality. Syllabus topics include: knife skills, herbal vinegars and oils, main course meals and finishing preparations (sauce, tapenade, pesto) that address a wide variety of health considerations. Baking, nut mylks and basic culinary business skills are also covered. This offering includes two local field trips to learn more about the food justice and sustainability climate in downtown Victoria. The course has a $20/class fee for each cooking class to cover the cost of food supplies. Working in pairs, each student will have a meal to enjoy within each class or to take home.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

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