Propagation, Cultivation, Harvesting & Traditional Skills – Part II – Spring


Cultures from all over the world have history embedded in traditional practices including gardening, animal husbandry, homesteading, hunting and wildcrafting. Pre colonization and before the industrial revolution, living with and from the land was an inherent part of life and livelihood for many generations.

Colonization along with the hustle and bustle of modern life and advances in technology have taken western society farther away from natural living and our inherent relationship with the natural environment.

Taught through all 4 seasons, this practical course allows participants to learn the ins and outs of planning, preparing, planting and caring for annual and perennial gardens from seed to seed. Proper and efficient harvesting techniques are reviewed. Mushroom cultivation and ethical animal management will be explored.

Participants will see and experience gardens, mushroom and animal systems from small to large scale, indoors and outdoors and for personal and professional means offering opportunities to identify key principles, methods and strategies for success.

Through an exploration of traditional skill building, participants will enhance a connection with the rhythms and cycles of nature while learning practical skills that are inherent for living a life with the natural environment. Activities will include ethical wildcrafting of mushrooms, plants, fish and animals, tool making, tool use preservation and more.

Featuring a diversity of guest instructors with specialized expertise, participants are offered a taste of a variety of unique techniques and strategies to survive and thrive with the land.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 3    Hours: 45

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