Providing vital global and local ecosystem services, such as the cycling and storage of carbon, water, and nutrients, soil is the foundation of life. At the human scale, healthy soils are essential to resilient food and medicine production. Unfortunately, globally we are losing soil along with a biodiversity of critical soil life due to erosion, industrial agricultural practices and poor soil management.

With the use of proper soil management strategies, it is possible to support the creation of rich living soil in any environment and on any scale. Permaculture offers an array of tools and techniques to increase soil carbon, cycle nutrients, improve water retention and increasing soil biota. In this class, a wide range of practical organic soil management techniques are explored.

Exploring soil science, testing, soil building and how to make and use amendments, participants will enjoy a balanced blend of theory and hand on activities to solidify their learning.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 2    Hours: 30

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