Urban Renewal and Design Strategies


In North America, what were once was known as villages have now been replaced by the Roman colonial grid, causing urban areas to become fragmented and disconnected from the natural world and community living. Working within the challenges of the current colonial framework and applying Permaculture tools and strategies, how can we more actively create positive change in our own neighbourhoods? How can we creatively come together to build safe environments where everyone can thrive together?

This exciting and informative workshop style course focusses on social engagement and place making. Participants learn tools, techniques and strategies for community design and engage in participatory processes and models to create alternative patterns that address systems of isolation and oppression, while developing networks and beneficial connections on all scales.

Discussions take place that inspire a rebalancing, healing effect on social culture by restoring interaction and identity, spatial place and gathering environments that fuse people and nature back together. Case studies of urban renewal and placemaking projects of various types and scales will be shared.

Prerequisites: – –    Credits: 1    Hours: 15

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