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Acupuncture Professional Practice

This course explores the essentials of running a safe and successful acupuncture practice. Topics include mitigating risks to patients, colleagues and staff, ensuring that all equipment is safe and functional, and the exploration of practitioner self-care.


Acupuncture Elective

Clinical Independent Practice

Clinical Supervised Practice: Community Clinic

Clinical Observation

Nutrition Elective

Business Development and Practice Management

This course provides students with information necessary to utilize their education and qualifications in a professional capacity. Students learn about business planning and development, marketing strategies, systems for business set-up and record keeping/financials. Each student should understand that businesses are dynamic. Skills such as creativity, resourcefulness and critical thinking are vital to succeeding in the …

TCM Ethics

This course covers medical ethics and legal considerations with regard to clients’ rights and privileges, patient care and privacy considerations.

Patient Communication/Therapeutic Relationships

This course provides students with basic principles and techniques of good patient communication and rapport-building. Topics include connecting with patients, identifying differing sources of motivation in the therapeutic context, working with shock, trauma, and difficult circumstances, sensitivity to varying viewpoints and cultural backgrounds, patient/practitioner roles and more. This course is designed to be relevant to …