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TCM Classics III

This course surveys major texts in Chinese Medicine: Nan Jing, Yi Jing, and Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing. Student also explore the similarities and differences of the major TCM classical texts and schools of thought.

ACU/CBOT/OM Elective

TCM Clinical Independent Practice

Advanced TCM Differentiation and Therapeutics

Students blend their prior knowledge with advanced information pertaining to modern TCM practice and apply it in a challenging and theoretical manner. Working individually and as teams, students organize straightforward and challenging concepts and cases efficiently and thoroughly for both theoretical and practical application and create effective treatment plans.

TCM Gerontology and Pediatrics

This course examines the effects of aging on health and wellness. Emphasis is placed on age-related illnesses and diseases, psychological factors, dietary concerns and special treatment techniques for assisting elderly patients. This course also examines advanced conditions in TCM Pediatrics.

TCM Psychology

Psychology in Traditional Chinese Medicine is viewed from a holistic perspective in which mental, emotional and physical health are interrelated. This course is a detailed exploration of the psyche in Chinese Medicine and investigates the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders using philosophies and modalities of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Advanced TCM Internal Medicine

This course is a continuation of both CBOT411 and ACU211/2, covering a wider expanse of internal pathologies including less commonly seen disorders and difficult to treat conditions.

TCM Classics II

This course examines a major school of Chinese Medicine known as the Wen Bing Xue and surveys two major texts in Chinese Medicine: the Jin Gui Yao Lue and the Shang Han Lun. Students learn the differentiation of pathogenic cold and warm diseases and the vast pharmacopoeia of herbal formulas that apply.

Modern TCM Herbal Research

Although Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine date back thousands of years, there is a continual stream of modern research being conducted on these ancient techniques, especially in their application to modern-day illnesses and diseases. This course traces the medical uses of Chinese Medicine from today all the way back to its roots, and also examines research …

Western Pharmacology

This course is an introduction into the vast pharmacopoeia of drugs used in Western Medicine as well as their biologic origins when relevant. Basic drug interactions are covered, in addition to pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and drug and toxin metabolism.