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Intro to “Family Support” for Doulas

Doulas assist women in all stages of childbirth, which often includes assisting other family members. The primary focus of this course is to provide communication skills and techniques to assist the family and/or partner before, during and after birth. Students also learn to support and empower the mother with decision-making confidence and comfort.

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology for Doulas

Students are introduced to the fundamental structures and functions of the human body both internally and externally, including major systems, organs and tissues, and components of microbiology. This course includes theoretical and practical components. Emphasis is on female reproductive anatomy and physiology, including changes that occur during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Intro to Midwifery & Primary Health Providers

Understanding the role of midwifery in pregnancy and childbirth is paramount to a Doula. Key areas covered in this course include an introduction to the collaborative model of care for the childbearing woman by the Doula/Midwife Team and other Obstetrical Providers in the context of our rapidly evolving society.

Doula Training and Ethics

This course introduces students to the essence of being a Doula and the role and services that a Doula provides before, during, and after birth for the mother and partner/family. Primary focal points include establishing and maintaining a meaningful relationship with Mother, support training, and understanding how to provide encouragement while always respecting Mother’s desires …