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School of Permaculture Design

The School of Permaculture Design at PRC offers one of the world’s most unique and comprehensive programs in Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems and three certificate programs.

Certificate Programs

Permaculture Design Certificate

A 3-month program covering perennial and annual food systems, ecological restoration, community design, and soil and energy systems. 

Permaculture and Holistic Management Certificate

A 3-month program exploring food systems, foraging, herbal production and processing, water systems, and permaculture business principles. 

Permaculture and Regenerative Systems Certificate

A 3-month program exploring permaculture design methods and mapping, botany and plant identification, food systems, harvesting, herbal production and processing, and natural building techniques.

Diploma Program and Other Opportunities

Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma

A globally-recognized 9-month program that prepares graduates to be leaders in the field of  Permaculture and sustainable food and medicine systems.

Part-Time Study Options

Join world-class presenters for weekend workshops throughout the year, or study part-time, on-campus with our renowned instructors. 


Can’t join us for long-term studies at our Victoria, British Columbia campus? Check out our diverse online course and program options in Permaculture Design.

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