Alexis Hennig

Alexis graduated from Pacific Rim College in April 2014 with the highest of honours and as class valedictorian. Having been raised in a very health conscious and nature loving family, using natural remedies for health concerns has always been second nature for her. She first started down a career path in natural health in 2008, when she attended Mount Royal University and received her certification in Aromatherapy. This soon blossomed into an interest in addressing health concerns internally as well as externally, and a passion for plant medicine in general to help facilitate the healing process – supporting the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to her Diploma of Phytotherapy and her Certificate in Aromatherapy, Alexis also holds training in both Lomi Lomi and CranioSacral Therapy. She is a professional member of the Canadian Herbalist Association of British Columbia, and has her own practice as a Medical Herbalist in Fernwood. Alexis joined the Dispensary team at Pacific Rim College in 2014 and the faculty in 2016. She loves being a part of the PRC community.