Sasha Ormiston

Sasha Ormiston, RAc, graduated from Pacific Rim College in 2011 with the highest of honours. She has always had a passion for health and science and since a young age wanted to work in a field where she could help people. Born and raised in Victoria, Sasha also attended the University of Victoria for 3 years with a focus on Biology, Physiology and Anatomy. Upon graduation from PRC, Sasha participated in Continuing Education at PRC to become certified in the increasingly popular Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. She now offers it along with several other treatments at her own clinic, Radiance Health and Acupuncture. Not only is she practicing but she is also an Admission Coordinator at Pacific Rim College. She loves working with new students and being able to share her passion for the college and holistic medicine. For more information feel free to visit her website at