Amber Fox

Amber Fox holds a Diploma in Phytotherapy from Pacific Rim College with the highest of honours, an Honours Degree in Environmental Studies from York University, and a wealth of experience in small business start-up and entrepreneurship. Amber has a passion for empowering entrepreneurs and supporting people in their self-development, whether in her private practice as a Herbalist and yoga teacher or in her work as an educator.

Drawing on a rich and varied small-business background, Amber has experience in many entrepreneurial roles and knows intimately the power of continual learning and reinvention. From founding three businesses herself, to being a key team member in over half a dozen small business start-ups and international events, to consulting countless entrepreneurs in their fledgling businesses, Amber thrives on offering her rich and varied small-business experience and enthusiasm to inspire confidence and skill in entrepreneurs.

Amber is a Registered Herbal Therapist and Board member of the CHA of BC, and runs a thriving private practice in her home community of Esquimalt as ‘The Embodied Herbalist’. Amber is also a Certified Yoga Teacher with a specific love of teaching Yin and Mindfulness Meditation. When she is not teaching or practicing herbal medicine, you can find her in her medicinal herb garden, out for a long hike or paddle, or on her meditation cushion.