Arwen Brenneman

Arwen Brenneman is an entrepreneur who loves the authentic storytelling that comes with good marketing. After graduating with a Computer Science degree in 2001, Arwen worked for a decade as an independent contractor, and was surprised to find the world of marketing, network building, and interview was enjoyable, creative fun. Working with various volunteer boards, including Marpole-Oakridge Family Place, gave Arwen the chance to see how effective policies and procedures can nurture a business of one or an organization of hundreds.

In 2011, Arwen became a doula and prenatal educator with Birthing From Within, and the love of entrepreneurship came with her. Creating holistic, human-centric brands gave meaning and heart to her business life. Arwen was a managing director of Dancing Star Birth from 2013-2016, a time when the business saw 20% growth. She loves to support other doulas as they find their own entrepreneurial fire.