Carlene Brick

Carlene has spent the past 3 years studying at Pacific Rim College and is set to graduate with her diploma in Holistic Nutrition in April 2016. Her comprehensive education has dramatically expanded her values on healthy living, and she has become extremely passionate about understanding all of the elements that contribute to a person’s well-being, on both energetic and biochemical levels. Of all of the ground-breaking lessons she has learned, there is one that will always hold a spot in the foundation of her practice: the body knows best. The body has intelligent ways of telling us what we need, and all that we have to do is interpret the signals. That’s where Carlene can help. 

Carlene plans on practicing in Victoria and will continue with further education in therapeutic movement with future aspirations of developing her own unique program. She leads a double life, spending the other half of her time in the dance studio training and rehearsing with Broken Rhythms, a local Victoria-based dance company. She has no doubt in her mind that doing what you love to do is just as essential to your well-being as any food that you eat.