Dr. Aditi Jeanette Ruth Holden

Aditi’s childhood was spent in the waters of Canadian lakes, rivers and oceans. Her childhood home, passive solar/wood stove-heated situated among forests and gardens, forged in her a strong relationship with nature, the elements and their teachings. One morning a few years back, while sitting on the River Ganga at dawn in India, she realized this upbringing was the strong foundation for her own sense of spirituality.

Being brought up in rural queer community, lent to an early understanding of what it meant to live outside of cultural norms, to know homophobia via association to community/family, and at a early age witnessed the effects of oppression, later coming to understand it as a root of disease.

Along with a love of travel, and a love for anyone who walked/thought/expressed themselves outside of the lines – she discovered the subject of Anthropology. This fascination had her completing an Honors Degree with a focus on First Nation Social Studies/Contemporary Representation in Media, as well as a Masters Degree in Medical Anthropology (including research in the social/cultural context of disease) straight out of high school.

She was urged by her thesis advisor to attend medical school at that time. She ignored his suggestion and instead chose travel, in an effort to feel more empowered with her sense of responsibility for coexisting and living on this planet. This included years of learning, working, teaching in organic/permaculture/biodynamic/herbal fields, across North and Central America, Europe, and India. It also included completing an 8 month Ecological Gardening and Permaculture course on Cortes Island, BC and creating/teaching over 14 workshops with a Sandinista NGO in Nicaragua~ based in medicinals and permaculture.

In 2005, after completing 500 hours of Yoga teacher training, she spent 6 months in ashram and was gifted the name Aditi, ‘the living dynamis of the mother’. Since none of her Indian friends could pronounce ‘Jeanette’ with ease, the name stuck. From there her passion for grassroots accessible healing, for plants as food and medicine, for Ayurveda and the elements, and for meditation (she has completed over 10 Vipassana sits) led her into Naturopathic Medical College (more than 4500 school hours in western holistic medical training), from which she graduated in 2009.

She has since become owner and practitioner at Birdsong Naturopathic Clinic, has written and instructed four years of courses at Pacific Rim College (Homeopathy for Doulas, Patient Communication, Ayurvedic Foundation/Herbal/Nutrition classes). She has also spent 4 years being supervisor/instructor with Boucher Naturopathic College at the Free Family Naturopathic Clinic in Victoria.

She has continued her education by completing two herbal apprentices and studying Homeopathy (studied/worked with teachers in India, Africa and Europe) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (she did an additional 1.5 years of training at the Master’s level in Berkeley). She has also trained and done assistant teaching with 3 different teachers in Cranial Sacral work with 400+ hours and now 8 years clinical practice.

Other training has included courses with Vandana Shiva in India, accessible Midwifery in Peru, many intensives in Ayurveda, and with Paul Pitchford (author of Healing with Whole Foods). One of her deepest loves is being a student of Martin Prechtel’s at Bolads Kitchen, New Mexico, since 2012. Recently she has also completed trainings in community at Tamera Healing Biotope, Portugal, and has been committed to sitting with the teachings of a local Haida Gwaii Shaman and Elder.